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The Washington Lottery is the Evergreen State's official lottery. Play your favorite games and check your tickets to see if you're a winner! Download the app today!

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The Washington Lottery is the Evergreen State's official lottery. Play your favorite games and check your tickets to see if you're a winner! Download the app today!

Washington Lottery 2020 Review

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If you are a fan of the Washington Lottery, you should be very excited about the launch of the new Washington Lottery app. The WA Lottery app will have many features beyond just displaying WA Lottery results. So, keep reading to find out all the information on the new app as well as the WA state lotto. In Oregon? Check out the Oregon Lottery, now with its own app!

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WA State Lottery Background

The WA Lottery began thirty-seven years ago in 1982. That was the year that the bill creating the lottery passed both the house and senate in the state. This made Washington only the sixteenth state in the United States to create a lottery. 

Four months later, on November 15th, 1982, the lottery officially launched in the state. The first lottery game in the state was a one-dollar Washington Lottery scratch tickets game called Pot o’ Gold Instant Lottery. In January 1984, The Daily Game began in the state. 

And then, six months after that, in July 1984, the WA state lotto began with a weekly drawing on Saturdays. Next, in November 1987, a second drawing for the WA state Lotto was added to the week for the state lotto, on Wednesdays. And finally, in February 2005, almost twenty years later, a third WA state lotto drawing was added on Mondays. 

WA Lottery Retired Games

The WA Lottery has gone through its fair share of games over the years. While Washington Powerball and Washington Mega Millions are currently popular now, that wasn’t always the case. So, here’s a look at a couple of the games that used to be popular, but have since been retired. 


Quinto, a game where you had to match 5 of 52 cards, is no longer active in Washington. And, it used to have its own add-on game called Beat the State. Quinto ran from 1990 to March 2007, about seventeen years.

Lotto Plus

In Lotto Plus, you had to match 5 numbers out of a possible 43, plus an additional 1 out of 23. Lotto Plus ran for a very short period, from May 1st, 2002 to October 4th, 2003. Barely longer than a year!

Current WA State Lottery Games

So, now that you know a bit more about the history of the WA State Lottery, you probably want to get in on the action. Well, first thing’s first, you need to learn about the lottery games that are currently available. That means you should keep reading for the info on the lottery games in the state!

Jackpot Games

Now, when most people think of the lottery, they are actually thinking of Jackpot games. Jackpot games tend to have the highest payout for lottery games that you will find anywhere. And, they tend to be nationwide.

Jackpot games like Washington Powerball and Washington Mega Millions are especially popular. When no one wins the jackpot from drawing to drawing, the jackpot amount keeps growing. And, it keeps growing until the jackpot is finally won. To win the jackpot, you need to match five numbers and one bonus number. 

So, if you’re like millions of lottery customers across the country, you have bought a ticket for a jackpot drawing. Then, you must sit and wait for the WA Lottery results to see if you’ve won. Several record-breaking jackpots have been won this year alone!

Jackpot games typically offer the winner a chance to choose a large cash payout or an annuity for their prize. An annuity will give the winner a yearly payment of a certain amount for a certain amount of years.

Available WA Lottery Jackpot Games

  • Mega Millions
  • Powerball
  • Lotto
  • Hit 5
  • Daily Game
  • Daily Keno
  • Match 4

Washington Lottery Scratch Tickets

Washington Lottery scratch tickets are a great option if you are not very familiar with the lottery. Basically, you can buy a scratch ticket and the instructions will be very simple and clear. You will be directed to scratch off a certain portion of the ticket in order to win a prize. The portion/amount that you scratch off will correspond to the particular game you are playing.

You can find large payout scratch ticket games like Black Ice, The Game of Life, and Massive Money Match. You can also find cheaper games with smaller payouts like Slingo, Pineapple Payout, Flamingo Cash, and Red Ball Tripler. The cost of a scratch ticket can vary from one dollar to thirty dollars.

With a larger payout, you can be looking at winning eighty grand per year for twenty-five years. This is called an annuity payment. Scratch tickets have much larger odds of paying out than Jackpot Games. While the odds to win a jackpot can be in the hundreds of millions, the odds of winning on a scratch ticket can be 1 in 4.

The Washington Lottery App

So, here is the part of the article you must be most excited about. The new Washington Lottery app is available for all state residents. This is because no real money is used with this new app.

The WA Lottery app is only available for iOS/iPhone devices as well as Android devices at this time. And, the new app is free to download. So, you can get it pretty easily.

With the new Lottery app, lottery fans can scan their lottery tickets to see if they are a winner while on the go. The app also features the lottery results themselves, so you can also check your results that way. And, you can even have it so the app sends the winning numbers to your phone so you can see them immediately.

Plus, the new app for the Washington Lottery also has a news feature. You can see all the latest news about the lottery, including when new games are released. Plus, you can see the bigger prizes that have been awarded. And, you can see when there are games where no big prize has been awarded.

In addition, the app will have news about any upcoming Washington Lottery promotional events. So, you really can use the app to stay up to date with all the info about the state’s lottery.

How to Download the WA Lottery App

In order to download the WA Lottery App, you must have an iPhone/iOS device or an Android device. Because no real money is exchanged in the app, you can be of any age as long as you are a Washington resident. And, that means that the app is listed both in the Apple App store as well as Google Play.

When you want to download the new state lottery app, you must check the requirements. Typically, you will need an up to date operating system. Though, the most recent operating system is not always required. And, you will need to have sufficient space available on your device of choice in order to download and install it.

Because the app is free to download, it should be extremely easy to set up. You should be able to download and install the app in a very short period of time. And then you will be connected to the WA Lottery on the go!

Washington Lottery app

WA Lottery Proceeds

The proceeds from the WA Lottery goes to benefit multiple programs in the state. This is through the Washington Opportunity Pathways Account. The programs that the lottery fund goes to help benefit the state. These include educational programs, economic programs, as well as gambling addiction programs.

Last year, the Washington Opportunity Pathways Account’s Educational Program took 18.3% of the proceeds from the lottery. The Stadium and Exhibition Center fund took 1.7% of the proceeds. And, 62% of the proceeds went back to the lottery customers in the form of winnings.

Washington Lottery Conclusion

So, you have learned a lot about the lottery in Washington. You now know a lot about the history of the lottery in the state. And, you know the games that are currently running in the WA Lottery.

Plus, you have learned a lot about the new app for the lottery in Washington. The new app has a lot of features to help make the lottery more accessible and convenient. The hope is that the app will make Washington residents even more connected to the WA Lottery.

As the app gains traction, it is only expected to add features. So, you can expect new portions of the WA app for the lottery to come in the future. Features like a budget calculator have been welcomed by residents in other states with their own apps.

But, for now, the new app seems to be exactly what Washington residents need. The new app should make playing the lottery even more fun. And, hopefully, benefit Washington residents in the end.

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